Google Photos Saves Captures by Samsung Galaxy S7

Have you experienced of losing your important and personal images stored on your phone because you don’t have any space to store them, you delete your images unintentionally, you lost your phone, or even you are in an uncomplimentary accident? Of course, this is a pity and you will always think over them. However, if your device is Samsung Galaxy S7, you don’t need to worry when you miss or lose the photos saved. Samsung Galaxy S7 via Google Photos will put your captures in sync automatically. This is a very beneficial way to store all the captures you have saved on the S7 in the cloud.

Google Photos Saves Captures by Samsung Galaxy S7

You will never to quickly lose the pictures irreversible, if you have synced the images through Google Photos. Here are the ways to sync the pictures and videos in Google Photos:

Apps Menu >> Google Photos

In the app, see the upper left corner “Find photos” (three-bars signed). Tap on it, then select “Preference”, then the option of “Backup and Synchronize” on the right from the start is on your view now. Tie the choice before you activate it. For your backup, you need to select an account.

You will have almost 15GB as standardized by Google account to support your photos and videos. However, you can purchase more storage for low price per month.

After you select your account, you have to choose the folder to store next to camera folder. The last, you can have another method to store your pictures or videos, such as “Charging Only”. Then, your images on your Samsung Galaxy S7 are automatically stored by the Google Photo app. Therefore, you can see the images will be marked in cloud when they have been stored in Google Drive cloud. Pictures with a crossed cloud haven’t been available in cloud.

Isn’t that a simple and easy to protect your images and videos on your Samsung Galaxy S7? The app is really recommended to save your important captures as only with that choice you will never lose your images if your phone gets a defect.

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