Samsung to fix S7 edge with pink line on the screen with some conditions

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge users have just reported their problems about vertical pink line appearing on their device to various forums since some days ago. In response to this problem, Samsung is attempting to repair these problems if the devices are under guarantee without any physical damage on the display.

how to fix pink line on samsung galaxy s7 edge also contacted Samsung’s Benelux (Belgium/Netherlands/Luxemburg) subsidiary about this problem. The company then stated that the accidental drops can affect the internal damage to the S7 Edge for a curved display. This lines or dead pixels can happen for long time.

The moderator for Samsung’s online forum states that the company will fix the affected Galaxy S7 edge device if it is still under warranty and no physical or liquid damage on the display. Therefore, if you have the S7 affected by the problem, you should see your local Samsung Service Center for repairs.

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