How to set Camera Pro Mode of the Galaxy S7

How to set Camera Pro Mode of the Galaxy S7 – Samsung Smartphone sport Some of the best in the industry and the Galaxy S7 capture incredible photos even in an automatic mode. However, for Shutterbugs, the Pro made is a must have. It takes a really good camera and pushes it away and carrying a DSLR style user control on your Smartphone.

How to set Camera Pro Mode of the Galaxy S7

The Galaxy S7 sport a wider f / 1.7 aperture in the lens, the largest micron pixel on the image sensor, optical image stabilization (OIS) and fast dual pixel technology. Thus, you can do much more with Pro mode in the S7 and S7 edge than before. Although it may take some getting used to, using the Pro method is extremely valuable. Here are some cool ways you can move your creative juices and shoot some great pictures while doing a manual with your phone.

Samsung offers Pro with a setting that can cause confusion. The main control within the interface is on the right side. From top to bottom, you have filter settings, focus, ISO, white balance, exposure control and shutter speed. Selecting one of these options shows a more vertical slider to adjust any of the settings on the fly. The adjustments you make to the screen appear in real time, so you have an idea of ​​the effect.

On the left, the interface offers more basic control. Again, from top to bottom, you’ll focus automatically, timing, focus metering, photo quality, flash and settings. The most of this is a beautiful academic, but the top two offer a presentation of how the focus arc adjustment works, whether it is the focus of wider one, similar to how metering work on a DSLR. You can play around with them if you want a little more technical, but if not, stick to the default settings. That’s all about How to set Camera Pro Mode of the Galaxy S7.

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