Tips to Check Display Pixels Errors on Samsung Galaxy S7

When you first unpack your Samsung Galaxy S7 and open it, you should have a check on various technical hardware components. You should check the display especially pixel errors.

Check Display Pixels Errors on Samsung Galaxy S7

Here are the tips to do it:
After completing the setup wizard on your Samsung Galaxy S7, you should open the phone app. Click on the “Keypad” at the bottom right. Type *#0*#, then you will find three different tiles:
Tap all these three in a row and check on the display whether there are errors in pixels or not. The error is marked with dark spot.

If you don’t find any black dot at each of the three colors, it means that your Galaxy S7 display is free from technical errors.
Now you have learnt how to check on the Samsung Galaxy S7 for its screen’s pixel defect.

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