Tips to enable Samsung Galaxy S7 wireless Charging Work Properly

If you want your induction charger to charge your Samsung Galaxy S7, then you may find it will not work well. The problem is that the phone indicates that it is being loaded, but then the charging process is stopped. You can then check the cable, the charger or the protective case, they could be the reasons.

Below are the tips how to make the inductive charge work properly on your Samsung Galaxy S7:

  1. Check the charger and the cable of the inductive charging station
    You will find no induction charge on your device, it could because your current charging station is too weak. It is recommended that you should have an alternative different charger. You should try out the original charger of Samsung Galaxy S7. However, you should check it before to make sure whether the charging station can withstand the charging current of the charger. Generally, this measure reliefs to charge Samsung Galaxy S7 wirelessly.
  2. Remove the protective case
    Take off protective case (if you have) to check whether the inductive charging charges your Samsung Galaxy S7 properly or not.
  3. Check an alternative induction charging station
    When you find nothing helps to your device, the problem could be on your induction charging station. It may be defective. Have a check with a friend or an acquaintance in the shop if the battery-operated charging station of your Samsung Galaxy S7 works with another station.

If this still does not work, your device may be defected, even it is rarely the problem. Hopefully, one of the above reasons is the reason why your Galaxy S7 cannot be wirelessly charged.

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