How to Customize Always On Display on Samsung Galaxy S7

How to Customize Always On Display – One neat feature that Samsung introduced with the Galaxy S7 is that the screen is always active on the smartphone that allows you to see important notifications and updates without forcing you to enter your device (or to drain your smartphone’s battery by pulling the full AMOLED screen).

how to customize always on display

How to Customize Always On Display

You can activate and deactivate it by swiping up to access the smartphone application and then tapping on Settings> Screen lock and security> Always On Display.

This is also where you change the information that appears on your screen that is always active. If you are worried about the battery life of your device you can set a schedule that changes the screen always active to a sort of always active display. You can even adjust the screen always active with your own wallpaper if you don’t like what Samsung has to offer.

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